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Dear ADNL Netballers

Apologies for the last minute game cancellation last Tuesday and thank you for your understanding.  The booking issue has been sorted so we anticipate calm waters for the remainder of the season.


The results from the 4 games played on Tuesday 29th September have been logged.  We are aware that only three quarters were played and will take this into consideration when we do the division placements.

The last night of grading will take place on Tuesday 6th October.  It remains jam packed with games starting at 6.30pm and the last at 9.00pm.  Rounds will run on time so please make sure your team is ready to take the court for your game. 

Please read this weeks draw carefully as some teams not only have 2 games but back to back games and umpiring duty. 


It is timely, with the start of the league competition looming, that we draw all players, umpires, coaches and spectators attention to the ADNL Constitution.  In particular, the codes of conduct.  Please note that the league has a low tolerance for un-sportsman like behavior.  For the enjoyment and safety of yourself and others please read the codes of conduct and adhere to them.

A copy of the constitution will be emailed to your team captain before Tuesday night.  Alternatively, you can find it on our website under Netball Documents.  It’s draft 3.


All players need to register online at:

Captains please ensure that your players do so to avoid a scene come game time.


All teams are expected to provide an umpire each Tuesday evening.  If your team does not have anybody who can umpire then the cost for your team is 500aed for the first half of the season and the umpire will be allocated to your duty spot. 

The league is always in need of umpires.  If you would like to put your hand up and go on our umpires list please email or


The minutes of the AGM are ready for collection.  A copy for each team will be available from the registration desk on Tuesday night.


This year each team will be required to do table duty once during the season for the whole night.  This will be reflected on the league draw once competition begins. 


On the 3rd and 4th December 2015, The Dubai 7s Emirates Airline will host its inaugural netball tournament.  It is open to all netballers in the UAE who hold a current UAE visa.  If your team would like to enter please visit

Abu Dhabi have also reserved 2 spots.  If you would like to be part of a made up team please contact Sarah on for further details. 


Those ladies that have put their hand up to be in the social committee can we please meet on Tuesday 6th October at 6pm.  Contact Sarah if you have any queries.

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