Registration to play in the League


Welcome to the online registration process for the Abu Dhabi Netball League.  It is straight forward and relatively hassle free.  All registration fees must be paid before 1st November.

The process is simple:

*  Visit the following link –

*  Choose the type of subscription – ‘playing member’ or ‘non-player’.

*  Fill out the online Registration Form

*  Check all details are correct and click confirm.

You have now successfully registered online, the next step is to make a payment.  We are still in the process of developing an online payment system, which will take time, so in the meantime kindly follow these instructions.


Once you have registered you can pay your subscription by Internet banking or cash (sorry, no cheques).  Just follow the simple instructions at the end of registration to print the payment form and then either:


*  Bring the form and your payment (cash or bank transfer confirmation) attached.

*  pay by internet banking, making sure to enter your surname and the CH- reference number shown on the payment form in the reference fields provided by your bank when making the internet banking transfer.  This is extremely important so we can track your payment to your registration.


Once registration is complete you’ll have log in details sent to you, and you’ll be able to:


*  Change your password and log in name making it easier to remember instead of the system generated details

*  View outstanding subscriptions and other debts

*  Pay the subscription fee

*  Pay for other events organised by ADNL such as Social events, Annual Awards Evening, Inter-Gulf and other Tournaments.

*  Amend contact details and, when the ADNL has allocated your registration to a netball team in the system you can:

*  Contact your Team via email

*  View fixture, results and team details

*  View Officials information

If you have any questions about the online registration then please contact the administrator on

If you have any questions about registration in general then please contact


Full membership registration costs 600 AED per person and is free for non-players. Temporary membership is available for those leaving or entering mid-season and subscription fees will be on a pro-rata basis.




It has been agreed this year by the Committee to allow one ‘fill in’ player per team for the season to cover one week that a team is short of players and cannot field their registered team members for one match night. The reason behind this is to help teams when they are short only one player to play their scheduled match instead of being forced to forfeit the match all together. This request needs to be made to the Chair ( by the team captain before the player can take the court. The one off player must:


* Register online selecting the “one off fill in player” option.
* Pay 50 AED to the Team Captain or Treasurer directly.



Players may be exchanged within a team at any time during the season.  For example, if a player is injured and can no longer play or leaves the team for other reasons, and another player would like to take that registered place then a new player can replace that registered place.

The Player Exchange must be requested by the team captain via email to the Chair (  The team captain should supply the team name, the full name of the player they are exchanging OUT and the player they are exchanging IN.  The team captain must ensure the player exchanging IN is registered online as a temporary player.  A player exchange does not require additional registration fees as the registered place has already been paid for.  Once a player is de-registered they may not play for the team unless they re-register and pay the pro-rata fee.

A player exchange must take place 24 hours before the new player can play for the team.


Player transfers between teams may happen at any time during the season and can be submitted to the Chair (  For example, Player 1 is transferring from Team A to Team B.  The Captain of Team A should complete and submit an email requesting the transfer.

The team captain must supply the full name of the player, the team they are transferring from and the team they are transferring to.  There is no transfer fee payable to the League for the transfer of a player from one team to another.  Payment of the registration fee for the player transferring should be discussed between the two Captains and should there be any disagreement the Chair will resolve any issues at her/his discretion.

A player transfer must take place 24 hours before the player can play for their new team. Players can only transfer teams once in the season. Exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Chair and are at her discretion.